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A "Black on Black 402 Real SS El Camino" refers to a specific configuration of a classic Chevrolet El Camino, known for its powerful engine, SS (Super Sport) designation, and striking black-on-black color scheme. Let's break down what each aspect of this description entails:

**1. Black on Black:**
"Black on Black" typically refers to a vehicle's exterior and interior color scheme, where both the exterior paint and the interior upholstery are black. This monochromatic color scheme is known for its sleek and sophisticated appearance, and it often gives vehicles a more aggressive and modern aesthetic.

**2. 402 Real SS:**
"402" refers to the engine displacement, specifically a 402 cubic inch (6.6-liter) engine. In Chevrolet terminology, this corresponds to the big-block V8 engine commonly known as the 396. The term "Real SS" indicates that the El Camino is an authentic Super Sport model, denoting it as a high-performance variant with special trim, badges, and performance features.

**3. El Camino:**
The Chevrolet El Camino is a unique vehicle that blends the styling of a car with the utility of a pickup truck. It features a car-like front end with a truck bed in the rear, providing a versatile platform for both daily driving and hauling cargo. The El Camino has a dedicated following among enthusiasts and collectors, particularly in its SS trim.

A "Black on Black 402 Real SS El Camino" is a highly desirable configuration among enthusiasts due to its combination of powerful performance, sleek appearance, and authentic Super Sport heritage. Vehicles with this specification are sought after by collectors for their rarity, performance capabilities, and timeless style.

In summary, a "Black on Black 402 Real SS El Camino" represents a classic Chevrolet El Camino with a striking black-on-black color scheme, a powerful 402 cubic inch big-block V8 engine, and authentic Super Sport designation, making it a coveted and iconic example of American muscle car history.